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    All important announcements and updates to our clients and key members of?the?industry can be found right here. This section offers a?heads up on?the?latest happenings, launches, products, upgrades, seminars, workshops, trade shows and solutions. It keeps everyone?in?the?know of what's happening?in the?field of construction and updated with?the?continuously accelerated pace at Putzmeister.

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    New Regional Sales Manager - Putzmeister Asia Pacific.

    On May 13th 2019, Mr. John S Almaas joined Putzmeister as a Regional Sales Manager (PUC) Asia Pacific.... READ MORE

    Certified Training Programme on concrete Pumps for operators & mechani

    A Training programme on Putzmeister concrete pumps was held at the Oyu Tolgoi copper and gold mine... READ MORE

    New CEO of Putzmeister Japan

    On January 1st, 2018, Mr. Yuki Oka took over the position of CEO and Representative Director, Putzmeist... READ MORE

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    Putzmeister India supports eco art exhibition: “Not a project, but a m

    “I wonder if people knew we would create such a beautiful installation out of their plastic bottles whe... READ MORE

    Geepas Tower: New World record with Putzmeister participation

    Geepas Tower, an upcoming development in the UAE, entered the Guinness World Records along with the pro... READ MORE

    Yearly Middle East Customer Training

    Putzmeister Middle East is using the winter time always to conduct training in the several Middle East ... READ MORE

    The 80th Street Bridge, a part of the Highway 100 extension project in

    When the 80th Street bridge over U.S. Highway 30 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was demolished in November 2016... READ MORE